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3 Truths About Work/Life Balance

Posted on December 18, 2014 by The Soderquist Center | 0 Comments

I'm at the career and life stage when I'm being asked about work/life balance. I hold a title of CEO and officially hit my mid-40s this month. I have a wife, two sons, and a mortgage, which is to say, I've achieved a certain degree of “normal.” Time and experience have led me to believe three things are true of Work/Life balance: 

There is no magical midpoint

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Making Space for Rest

Posted on December 16, 2014 by The Soderquist Center | 0 Comments

Every year as the holiday season approaches, I have found that there is always a predictable theme that emerges among my peers, coworkers and other social circles; busyness. During a time of year that is specifically set aside for our rest, rejuvenation and reflection on the things that we hold most dear, our minds instead become bogged down by the growing lists of things we must do. Who...

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Posted on December 11, 2014 by The Soderquist Center | 0 Comments

As of this moment, I have the radio playing in the background, two different customer files open, an Excel file open, and a personality file open on my desk. Most people would call that multi-tasking. Most people would be tempted to call that a pretty good talent to have. Most people practice this in one way or another, willingly or unwillingly. So the real question becomes: is Multi-tasking...

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The Checklist Life

Posted on December 09, 2014 by The Soderquist Center | 0 Comments

I have checklists for everything. I make “to dos” for my weekend, my job, my classes, and, yes, even family time. When I happen to do something worthwhile that is not on my list, I must add it, so that I can, in turn, check it off. What is this obsession with productivity? Anyone who has crowded life with work, trips, school, family, friends, reading, late night conversations,...

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Get Your "Crew" Rest

Posted on December 04, 2014 by The Soderquist Center | 0 Comments

It seems that every other day I discover another blog post or article extolling the virtues and benefits of reflection and mindfulness in leaders. The increasing pace, challenges, and complexities of work and the permeable boundary between work and personal life make the need for focus and clear thinking even more central to business success (https://hbr.org/archive-toc/BR1312). However, more and more people report spending less and less time...

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