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This is an introductory video to the Trusted Partner Training Series. An inspirational and thought-provoking piece used to sell the series and persuade people to engage each of the modules.

In it, viewers grasp the importance of building trust, are introduced to the Trusted Partner Model, given an overview of the training series, and are compelled to continue on and watch the first module.

Trust is an abstract concept with very concrete implications. Imagine you could see trust, like a meter, hovering over other people’s heads throughout the day. And you watched as trust was slowly built in some interactions and quickly lost in others. This was the case for one young man who woke up and realized he could see trust.

Next Step: Watch the first module (which begins with a short recap and a short intro called, Show you Care, followed by the first module, Providing Financial Security).


1 | Introduction to Being a Trusted Leader

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