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Team Performance

Team Performance

Increased performance is top of mind for every team leader. When team members better understand how to approach working together, a new level of shared commitment is achieved and morale is boosted. The more cohesive team now feels a stronger sense of ownership. Hello productivity.

Soderquist facilitators help your team to identify barriers to performance, then practice the concepts that the team has learned…

Some of the topics we offer:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Performance & Results
  3. Trust & Accountability
  4. Team Personality
  5. Team Health

Every Team Performance programs include these three components:

1. Assessment

Before your team participates in a Soderquist program, our team goes to work gathering data that will come into play during your session. Whether this takes the form of interviews, _______, or personality assessments, this data gives your team something concrete to base discussion and decisions on.

Assessments we offer:
Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®
The Birkman Method®
Table Group, Characteristics of Effective Teams

2. Model

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3. Discovery

To drive home what your team learns in the classroom, and also for a bit of fun, group activities… Some teams only want this “play” time without the debrief time that makes the learning sustainable, and on the flip side, some team leaders want to skip the activity all together and focus on only classroom learning. Since 1998, we’ve worked with teams like yours. You can trust that we know the perfect balance between learning and ____________.

Team Building

If you’re looking for a day out of the office to create an exciting outdoor experience with your team, consider a half-day adventure led by Soderquist. With two locations in Northwest Arkansas, we offer a variety of…

  1. High ropes:  Climb the Alpine tower,
  2. Low ropes:  
  3. Zipline:  Zip through the trees, 50 feet up and 200 ft long.
  4. Rapelling:  Rapel down the side of the Ozark cliffs above Beaver Lake.
  5. Island Adventure:  Follow the clues as you canoe across Beaver Lake and hike through Bear Island.
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