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Powered by The Birkman Method® behavioral assessment, the Birkman Basics Suite enables your people to work together more effectively by delivering profound insights on usual behavior, needs, and stress behavior.

The benefit to the Birkman Basics Suite is that it's a readily accessible report format that can be self-interpreted. In other words, no interpretation by a certified consultant is necessary.

Most prefer the more robust reporting included with the Signature Suite. But because that level of depth in reporting requires a Birkman-certified consultant to interpret the data, some prefer this self-service option with limited reporting (no de-brief session required). The Birkman Basics Suite makes Birkman insights accessible at a more affordable rate for those interested in cascading the instrument throughout their organization.

The Birkman Method® behavioral assessment is rooted in decades of science and research. It boasts over 60 years of proven validity and reliability. The millions of people who have taken the questionnaire and benefited from the insights love Birkman because of its unique focus on underlying needs and how they impact behaviors.

How might you or your team use The Birkman Method?

  1. Team Building
  2. Talent Selection and Onboarding
  3. Enhancing Personal Relationships
  4. Managing Conflict Productively
"My team and I have learned to connect and understand each other with more depth and insight using the Birkman Method provided to us by Soderquist Leadership. Like many seasoned executives, I had been exposed to similar tools and was initially skeptical of the value proposition. Our team has used the tool through various dynamic individuals and transitions to accelerate our effectiveness as a team. We speak the Birkman language as a normal course of business and find its greatest value in assisting us to better understand self-awareness and what drives and motivates other team members."
- Kevin Harmon, General Manager, La-Z-Boy Arkansas


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Birkman Basics

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  • 1 Report, Self-Interpretation$79.00
  • 1 Report + 30 min Coaching$119.00
  • For volume pricing, call 866.752.7180 or email for a custom quote.

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